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Women in the West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humberside fared the worst

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Women in the West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humberside fared the worst , with Greater London and the South West experience the least amount of bloated feelings. And 61 percent of British women experience bloating, 85 percent believing they have a healthy digestive system .

Bats are a natural reservoir for Nipah virus, and the first outbreaks in Singapore and Malaysia started when pigs on farms ate fruit the by infected bats and dropped near their pens. The pigs developed coughs and breathing difficulties, and an epidemic spread across the Asian peninsula due to the pig trade. Pig farmers and slaughterhouse workers were infected by sick pigs. Three outbreaks in Bangladesh were caused when people ate fresh date palm sap, a local sweet delicacy, which was contaminated by bats, ‘says Dr Jahangir Hossain. ‘Because both people and animals in Bangladesh often eat fresh date palm juice and fruits which were bitten by bats, form contaminated food and pets an important transmission route for Nipah virus to infect humans. ‘.

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This research following earlier studies in the laboratory Chiamvimonvat tells on cardiac hypertrophy. These two UC Davis lab. Along with the laboratories by John Shyy from UC Riverside and Yi Zhu, Cardio Vascular Sciences in, Peking University the Health Science Center That 11-member research team also contain Wei Pang, Ming Xu, Jun Yang has and provided Youyi Zhang, all Chinese.

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The scientists shown they could the enzyme with a drug by Paul Jones, 11 members graduate student in the UC Davis Department of Entomology by an National Institutes of Health supported inhibiting diabetes community. Swelling and ultimate in failures of the heart is blocked and vice versa, said hammock. ‘Interestingly, the increase cardiac quantity linked with extremely pursuit not to increase levels of the epoxide hydrolase, and moving induced enlarged heart luckily not blocked by the active ingredient. ‘.

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