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Dr Paul Symonds of the Department of Cancer Studies & Molecular Medicine at the University of Leicester , who has the test. ‘The addition of cisplatin radiation literally the lives of hundreds of women with locally advanced cancer in the UK saved This test has shown that the addition of cisplatin improves survival, and that its use in routine UK practice reduces the chances of death by 23 percent since this treatment we can truly say that this is a reduction in the chances of death.

Treated the examination which looked into the September 2010 issue the Journal of Clinical Oncology RCR, more than 1,200 patients treated with radiotherapy in UK cancer centers in the years 2001 and 2002. Patients undergoing radiation therapy, and those radiochemotherapy chemoradiotherapy for survival, for survival, relapse of their disease and complications after treatment. Statistical analysis of the study data showed that the survival was significantly better for patients radiochemotherapy, without increasing the late complications of these patients treated with radiation therapy.That MRC maintains relationships with to Health Department of, the National Health Service and the industry on assume taking into account of the public. Requirements The results are led some of the leading discoveries in medicine and benefited which health and prosperity of millions in Britain and all over the world will find more out in the Medical Research Council Home.. About the Medical Research Council. The Medical Research Council to improving to human health from out excellent research devotes the fund invests by order of UK taxpayers.

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