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Which directed the presence of antibodies against the thyroid gland

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Previous studies an increased miscarriage among women with an underactive thyroid and women reported a positive thyroid peroxidase antibody test, which directed the presence of antibodies against the thyroid gland . This study is the first evidence for since 2007 of the accepted normal range is connected to the thyroid function tests with a miscarriage in antibody-negative women, this leads us to think that all pregnant women for thyroid function should be examined, and anomalies treated, said Dr. Stagnaro – Green.

New research shows higher risk of miscarriage in pregnant women with thyroid hormone on High End Of NormalPregnant women with thyroid function test results in the upper half of the normal range have an increased chance of miscarriage, even if they hurt thyroid deficiency antibody as a new study. The results, say the authors, show change modify method of screening for pregnant women is, at the Endocrine Society ‘s 92nd ,, ENDO 2010, in San Diego 22nd Presented in June by Alex Stagnaro – Green, senior author and senior associate dean for education at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

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