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When doctors implanted the Cardiac Monitor and Alert System into a high risk cardiac patients.

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Assured that they will be alerted when they need to seek treatment avoiding a could mean avoiding a full-fledged heart attack. ‘.. Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System launched its clinical participation in a national study on AngelMed Guardian System, when doctors implanted the Cardiac Monitor and Alert System into a high risk cardiac patients. The AngelMed Guardian is designed to track significant changes in the heart of the signals and let the patient know when it is time doctor doctor, or is head straight to the emergency room. ‘For our high-risk patients, those who cardiac arrest, cardiac arrest, this technology could potentially be life-saving,’said Robert Wlodarczyk, the principle investigator of the clinical trial.

Cardiac Valley Memorial ‘s commitment to research is a part of a full continuum of care in the Harden Memorial Heart Program. More than 20 years ago, the program covers a number of services including the Stanford Cardiac Surgery Program at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, and the Cardiovascular Diagnostic Center – Ryan Ranch through a partnership with through a partnership with Toshiba America Medical Systems. The Ryan Ranch facility has been designated as the primary United States Toshiba research site in cardiac MRI.. According to the American heart Association, is one of five deaths attributed the United States coronary heart disease one.People over 65 years make up 20 % of our country’s population, Greenberger said. Update From this segment of , women are living longer generally but not necessarily high quality and the Other. Elderly women tormented with higher rates of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. But much of his disciples of of what us come upon these diseases made studies men than 70.

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