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There are four related but different viruses.

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There are four related but different viruses, dengue fever cause the infection causes flu-like symptoms, and occasionally develop into bleeding and shock, severe severe dengue fever, one of the main causes of serious illness and death among children in some Asian and Latin American countries. Large-scale phase III trials of dengue vaccine are ongoing. These are 31,000 participants in 10 countries, 5 in Asia and 5 in Latin America .

References1 Georgescu E et al. Potential improvement in both early and sustained virological response centered fluvastatin in chronic hepatitis C[sic] with standard PegIFN – ribavirin therapy. A pilot study.The Philadelphia Inquirer examines on the Thursday a new policy on CMS that reimbursements to hospitals on preventable illness, the custody while patients in their development deny, be effective 1 October 2008. After Inquirer, the objective has non to punish into action to take action improved improve safety of patients. .

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