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The very basic issue of recording the cause of death of a woman.

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The WHO estimates that maternal mortality under – reported by more than 50 percent, because death is not classified correctly, or more often, not counted at all are. In 62 countries of the world there are no maternal mortality data no. If dead women are not even counted, then it does not seem to count them we have an invisible epidemic, ‘said Joy Phumaphi, World Health Organization Assistant Director-General for Family and Community Health during a meeting At a meeting of health ministers, maternal health specialists African parliamentarians, leaders of non-governmental organizations and donor agencies in Nairobi today ‘Pregnancy is a normal, life-affirming condition is not women should die giving birth to their deaths are preventable, even in the poorest countries, but it takes local knowledge, strength and partnership, the women lives will be saved.

Ing WHO and its partners, the maternal deaths reduce by half a million women each year – stop the invisible epidemic of maternal mortality Every minute of every day, at least one woman in the developing world dies in childbirth – more than half a million per year. WHO and the Partnership for Safe Motherhood and Newborn Health to intensify support to countries around the world, to ensure that no woman dies giving birth to her child.Centers and is a neglected threats global health.

Snakebites serious death and injury of around the world and represent an important but neglect danger to public healthcare, new research in the this week’s PLoS Medicine say publishes. The survey used to majority of comprehensive method yet enjoy that minimum 421,000 envenomings and 20,000 deaths per year with snake bite may occur especially to South and Southeast and sub-Saharan Africa.

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