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The study involved 1.

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The study involved 1,238 people who had never had a stroke. Breastts completed a questionnaire about how often and how intensely exercised exercised at the beginning of of the study and then had MRI scans of their brains average of six years later an average of 70 on average 70 years old.

The study also showed that the benefits of moderate to intense exercise on brain health is not much for people with Medicaid or without health insurance. People who a a moderate to intense level, Medicaid or no health insurance were less likely to mention not exercised infarcts than those who did not do exercise regularly. ‘It may be that the life difficulties for people without insurance or on Medicaid reduces the protective effect of regular exercise,’Willey said.The focus is on the identification and risk stratification of patients with the severe form of the condition, ie, those with pulmonary arterial hypertension .

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