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The new part of the the START study published today uses a questionnaire2 approach to the chronic side effects of different doses of radiotherapy for early breast cancer, The judge previously been uncertain.

Given in Study A, doses of 39 Gy and 41.6 Gy in 13 fractions over 5 weeks and in Trial B, was 40 Gy in 15 fractions over 3 weeks. The results showed that the lower dose of radiation as a whole is delivered in fewer, larger doses similar tumor control and the potential for fewer adverse effects than the international standard schedule.. Notes START trial – Standardisation of Breast RadiotherapyThe START study of international standard – dose radiotherapy with alternative schedules on fewer, compared to higher doses.This service introduced in 2002 and was the first online appointment Known As services in the NHS.

Use Windmill Health Centre Leeds by EMIS Access does volume of traffic call volumes and increasing access on patient Nearly 10 % of the 8,500 patients in practical use the service.

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