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The first high priest zithromax children.

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The new research builds on a decade old study of the Jewish priesthood their their patrilineal dynasty and seemed to substantiate the biblical story that Aaron, the first high priest , one was on a number of common male ancestors Cohanim in the line about 3,200 about 3,200 years ago in the Middle East zithromax children .

Using the new data, Hammer and his team were able to pinpoint the geographic distribution of a genetically resolved Cohen Modal Haplotype and tease next to a variety of male lines that founded the priesthood in ancient Hebrew times. The more fully resolved Cohen Modal haplotype accounts for almost 30 % of Cohanim Y chromosomes from both Ashkenazi and non – Ashkenazi Jewish communities, is virtually absent in non-Jews, and likely traces to a common male ancestors that life around 3,200 years ago in the Middle East.

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