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The collaborative cross.

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There will be other advantages as well. ‘With our new facility at ORNL , we offer economies of scale for the production of populations of mice ‘, Elissa Chesler, head of systems genetics group said in the Biosciences Division. ‘Without hold own mouse colonies, the researchers will have access to mice, , allow them to experiments that can not be done anywhere else will be done. ‘.. The collaborative cross, started in 2005 with a grant from the Ellison Medical Foundation, represents a fundamentally new way of carrying out genetic research and aims of 1,000 strains of mice have the genetic diversity of of the world’s population create.

In coming months , the researchers hope to identify the actual genes in this chromosome region that alter the response to alcohol.In another study, Bruce O’Hara of the University of Kentucky are working to identify the sleep and wake – Gene. In addition to obtaining a more thorough understanding of the sleep period, this research process could lead to better drugs to help people with sleep disorders.‘The problem of the pediatric intoxication in the U.S. Is getting worse, do not superior. ‘.

The researchers think that have higher availability and access to medicines around the child home contributed to the increase. Over-the – said. It also says that both adult and pediatric drugs, including prescription and OTC , those of alterations should be.

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