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The bone density measurements obtained from CT colonoscopy were comparable to the DEXA results.

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The results of the study showed excellent agreement between the DEXA bone density test scores and the data generated by the study colonoscopy. – ‘The bone density measurements obtained from CT colonoscopy were comparable to the DEXA results,’Aslam said. ‘Both tests identified osteoporotic bones. ‘Most physicians recommend that adults undergo colonoscopy or conventional colonoscopy every seven to 10 years from 50 years – .

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, 10 million Americans over 50 years of developing osteoporosis. Approximately 34 million Americans are at risk due to low bone mass. Detect osteoporosis early provides for early intervention and treatment. Contact: NHLBI Communications Office NIH / National Heart.In addition essentially comprises the neurons perfusion and Vasopressin effect on the kidney as anti – diuretics, released when the blood plasma is concentrated. In contrast, they found that the vasopressin release vasopressin neuronal into the brain of, is not blood, In If the surrounding body fluid Dilute more than usual. Usually , the more which body fluid is watered down neuronal neural cells are swell. However, their results is indicates that the vasopressin the brain leads to size of the vasopressin neurones even when the body fluid more dilute. In addition, was clarified that. Vasopressin sensing protein (receptor currently considered currently considered at its only in the kidney, this function as of the brain in conjunction.. Of Anti – hormone vasopressin the brainrelease the anti – hormones ‘vasopressin ‘from the brain and is known to operate in the kidney , suppressing the diuresis.

This study has been by labeling vasopressin neurons of the the rat brain the hypothalamus with the green fluorescent protein is possible? Prof. OKADA says to There is a surprising finding, operation. The same type of vasopressin receptor exists how the brain and the gland in in on operation. It can be expected to change the state the cerebral edema which resolve Start swelled with brain trauma or cerebral. Develop infarct, and his of treatment. Share this result shall be assisted by Grants-in – Aid for Scientific Research, the MEXT, Japanese.

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