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The BMA survey of over 200 armed forces doctors for all three armed forces also showed.

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The BMA survey of over 200 armed forces doctors for all three armed forces also showed:. – Almost half work more than 50 hours per week – Over half were not able to hold their annual holiday entitlement to take – Nearly 1 in 10 doctors had more than 100 days spent on the use in Last yearDr McKeating added:’We were encouraged to note that the Review Body finds that the new NHS contracts for consultants and doctors should be the appropriate comparator for the armed forces, doctors, and that it recognizes the recruitment and retention challenges for the Defence Medical Services at this time. – ‘It is difficult to see, deserve such a high level of medical care for our military personnel can be maintained, if nothing is done to physicians from leaving the military discouraged, armed forces doctors are disadvantaged always compared to civilian colleagues it. Longer hours for less pay. 1032e doctors are needed to specialized military capabilities the normal things the usual features with their civilian counterparts and it is high time that they were rewarded rather than punished to serve Queen and Country to get upright. ‘.

Of the original cohort, 832 were adults at the age of 49 due to 51. For women, them 389 a detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire and underwent tests bone mineral density of the hip, spine, and top of the thigh bone measure.

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