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The anticoagulant antidote pair.

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The antidote is designed as a mirror image to the aptamer. It binds to the aptamer and changes its shape so that it can not bind to factor IXa. The ability of coagulation has then normalized again. .. The anticoagulant – antidote pair, called REG1 was of the pharmaceutical company Regado Biosciences Inc. On the technology licensed licensed from Duke Regado sponsor of clinical trial. In the study, researchers used the aptamer – antidote pair of to a particular protein, called human coagulation factor IXa, which in the complex cascade in the complex cascade of biochemical events that blood clot blood clot target. Patients with When the aptamer binds to factor IXa, like a lock and key, it is the series of reactions leading to the formation of a blood clot blocked, said Becker.

Patients are admitted on a heart-lung machine has a blood thinner, to prevent their blood coagulation, as machine machine hose during surgery, the researchers said. For for patients after renal dialysis. The most commonly used anticoagulant is heparin. reversal drug for heparin ‘s anticoagulant effects, called protamine counteract a variety of undesirable side effects, the researchers said.Under Guo direction the Breast Cancer Research Team at the MBRCC establish a database from breast cancer tumor specimens, permit researchers to develop a clinical protocol of predicting the gene signature patient outcomes.

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