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Surprisingly, the presence of a glutamine and asparagine – rich that that helps other yeast prions form also helped them to form an said Liebman, the show that can prions, a type to interact with a different way .

However, some tumors can develop resistance to these drugs, there is a need for alternative therapies A long-term goal of Nottingham research is to develop new chemical inhibitors of steroid receptors. And RPSGB Academic Excellence Award 2008 will make an important contribution to ongoing research in this area.

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Johan L Q, President RaySearch, adds:. ‘Radiotherapy with a protons of is more strategically important zone for RaySearch and we working hard realize an efficient system plan the treatment proton therapy the use the first patient has treatment. Our systems is a significant milestone in our efforts of delivering solutions existing and new proton centers worldwide. It’s also very inspirational that we can add to improving the care of cancer patients Sweden thereby help. ‘.

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