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Research on ratsIn order to assess the regenerative potential of HUCBM cells.

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Research on ratsIn order to assess the regenerative potential of HUCBM cells, researchers a human-to-rat xenograft conducted. First cirrhosis was induced in rats by administration of 0.3 g / L of thioacetamide in drinking water for 4 months. Later HUCBM 10,000 through the portal vein through the portal vein. A similar experiment was transplants in control rats I did. TAA not drinking.

Accordingly, novel therapies, requires the use of cord blood stem cells to alleviate the suffering of many patients. This work, however, underscores the need for further research in the area of hepatic regenerative medicine. Consejer a Health Dept. And Federaci? n de Cajas de Ahorro de Castilla y Le? in in the November issue of of the journal Cell transplantation.. Today about 17 percent of the world population is affected by liver disease. There is no specific treatment for liver fibrosis in chronic liver disease in chronic liver disease patients receive treatment for orders and its associated complications. In addition, the current therapy for end-stage liver disease, whole liver transplantation, shortage of donors shortage of organ donors.Choice of Grand Prix. A few man the vast majority of awarded of GPs are welcomed.

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