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Reported that people who smoke crack are at increased risk of HIV infection

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We have observed of HIV is associated with crack smokingA new study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal , reported that people who smoke crack are at increased risk of HIV infection. The study also shows that smoking crack has increased dramatically in recent years.

The high-throughput cellular array technology was used in this study, by Chien and his lab colleagues a few years ago this type of research, especially not for the developed stem cell research, but it has before with hepatic stellate cells. – ‘Our lab is interested in the cells responsible for setting responsible for determining the fibrous scar in all types of chronic liver diseases,’said Dr. David Brenner, the dean of the UCSD School of Medicine and co-author of the paper. ‘Over the course of 20 years, people have to try three or four dies Shu their growth. Shu Chien mentioned this extracellular matrix array that his lab was using for stem cells, and I thought it was an incredible opportunity to the effects of various matrices to understand in primary cell cultures. There really at the array you get hundreds of different combinations of proteins and you can see hundreds of cells at once, ‘Brenner added. ‘We achieved this is new information for the treatment of liver fibrosis, and it gives us the platform new treatments. New treatments. This also enables us to the critical experiments that will be done to evaluate the ability of different drugs to work. There really no effective therapies for liver fibrosis. There are only the transplant any less invasive therapy would be desirable This is a big improvement. ‘.


The survey has the result of an highly cooperative team , five Argonne businesses and employees from to the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin and from the University of Illinois at Chicago nanometers, for cooperation between the experimental effort leading of Stefan Vajda involved and out the theoretical analysis of on materials chemist Larry Curtiss and nanoscientists from Jeff Greeley.

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