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Reign-born population in the United.

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Of the U.S.reign-born population in the United , have a higher risk of tuberculosisincluding in the search for and treatment of latent tuberculosis in the United States, higher returns in the foreign-born persons who have recently left the country from certain high-risk groups, entered found people from sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, according to a study on 22 In July published in JAMA.

Tuberculosis Among foreign-born persons in the United States, Kevin P. Cain, Stephen R. Benoit, Carla A. Winston, William R. Mac Kenzie , 300, 300 :405-412. Scientists Closer To Finding care for life – threatening genetic diseasescientists at Royal Holloway, University of London reported encouraging results in a new gene-based therapy for Duchenne muscular muscular dystrophy , which is currently no known cure and acts in 3,000 boys.- Identifying the most important opinion leader and investigators for protocol design and clinical trial.

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