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PPIs replace less effective histamine 2.

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PPIs replace less effective histamine 2. Receptor antagonists and antacids as first choice for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux and peptic ulcer disease, the absence of innovative therapies in the pipeline implies the continued dominance of PPIs on the market.

And Cycle Management key to maintaining growth in European Gastroenterology Therapeutics MarketThe European gastroenterology therapeutics market is in the mature phase and is highly competitive. Awareness and product efficacy drive product acceptance in the market. Downward pressure on prices has been adopted by cost control measures by the European governments and the widespread availability of generics negatively affect overall sales growth. Effective life cycle management and product innovation is the key to maintaining market expansion.Is Novo Nordisk Government leading the fight to diabetes to more than 80 years, said Jim Shehan Vice President and general counsel of Novo Nordisk Inc. We are the only company in the industry boast a complete portfolio on insulin analogues patients help to enhanced control in each phase her diabetes We could realize this achievement, fulltime patent enables pioneering companies such as ours to continue innovating and pressing for progress in the fight compared illnesses like diabetes. The patents we are is maintain be of groundbreaking research you of approaches to treating for diabetes, he added, Like all the researching companies has recognize patentability necessary to ensure the investment in biomedical research required .

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