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Of the two the environment pose a risk to the environment.

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Although human exposure to these substances is expected to be low, they have the potential to for a long time for a long time and DTBSBP accumulate in organisms and cause them harm me. If the proposed conclusions are confirmed, the Government of Canada will consider ways to reduce or eliminate releases to the environment from these substances.. Of the two the environment pose a risk to the environment, will MAPBAP as a coloring agent as a coloring agent in paper, will not be imported is mainly used as component of some brake fluids and of plastics and of plastics and polyurethane foams.

2 – nitropropane may be used in vegetable oil processing, and as a solvent in food packaging. However, it is probably no longer used in North America for these applications. It can also be used internationally as a solvent in vinyl inks, adhesives, varnishes and paints and varnishes. It can also be used as a chemical intermediate, which is then used in the production of pharmaceuticals and dyes and may be used in tobacco smoke. 2-nitrotoluene is used primarily in the manufacture of explosives.- On a hot day in a refrigerator that flesh within the hour after purchase. On a non – hot day do so within two hours of This sale.

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