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HIV, of Clinical Investigation, June 2010gene therapy: Successful selection of genetically modified cells into non-human primatesA therapy that is developed for the treatment of various genetic disorders, cancer and HIV, transplant with their own bone marrow However, the genetically modified. However, the previous methods for gene transfer into bone marrow cells are not sufficiently efficient for the treatment of many diseases for which this is a possible therapy. A team of researchers, led by Hans-Peter Kiem, at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, now has to cope proof of principle in non-human primates for a method for low efficiency of gene transfer into bone marrow cells..

However, Kiem and colleagues have now shown that this approach for the efficient selection of genetically modified cells in both macaques and baboons leads primates. It is important that the treatment with BCNU O6BG and well tolerated. The authors note that their model as close to the clinical setting, as you can get and suspect that it might be attempted in humans.. The mutated protein MGMTP140K provides cells with protection from the drug combination of O6BG and BCNU.2011 and that other actions can not be measured by the PMET trials has confounded which findings of these studies, and that hospitals as the theirs can already have systems and methods the role of the the role of a PMET unit. We claim that this finding to limitation of the pre – and-after study design demonstrating at determining the effect of PMET unit implementation of, they conclude and added that major and better-designed trials, PMET unit needed.

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