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To view the list of participating journals and other information on the National Institutes of Health event, visit a list of citations to all articles on the subject by the participating journals will be available on this website on 22 October 2007.

Was delayed.ople who dementia lose memory at higher ratepeople with more years of education lose their memory faster than those with less education in the years before the diagnosis of dementia , 23 according to a study in the Published in October 2007, has been subject neurologists, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.With friends now is to the Department of Health education and health care Behavior, University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill) total of 202 pupil on a secondary school in centralized Keystone State participated in the study. The researchers examined differences in the motivators to groups of with a risk of sedentary lifestyle – and girls vs. Boys, overweight compared to non-obese Teenagers and young low vs. High perceived sport sports competency. – In this study, four possible sources of motivated are identified: personal satisfaction motivation ), weight -based motivated , parent – influence Motivational and Motivational peer affects, the authors write.

Ensuring that adolescence in physically active is vital for Your physical and mental state. However rate of physical activity are low among young people and downfall throughout adolescence, according to background information the articles. Of physical activity physical activity of adolescents, motivation be physically active should be understood clearer.

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