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Healthier eating habits and obesity-related diseases buy vardenafil 20mg.

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We commend thent from American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown on Childhood Obesity Taskforce reportThe Childhood Obesity Task Force report is an important concept for public health to take to an epidemic that health and wellbeing health and welfare our children at risk buy vardenafil 20mg . We commend the government for bringing together practical solutions to prevent the children a chance to be active, healthier eating habits and obesity-related diseases. The American Heart Association has long recognized the need for the identification of children a healthy start , and in different areas of working to increase opportunities for children to learn and maintain healthy behaviors through policy initiatives, programs and through our leadership in the development of voluntary agreements with the food and beverage industry.

We welcome the recommendations of the report, access to healthy, affordable food to the development of healthy food retailers, Farmers’ markets and community garden programs to ensure under-served communities. We are also pleased that the Task Force. The importance of food labeling so that consumers decide that supports healthy choices for their kids meals Increasing physical activity in schools and communities is a key component in the fight against obesity in children, develop additional areas cycling bike paths and make joint use agreements school leisure / fitness facilities open to the community. Schools also need to strengthen physical education and nutrition standards and develop local wellness policies to help to build children’s healthy mind and body. Finally, make good choices parents with information to make good decisions so that they to their children. A lesson plan for a healthy life We look forward to working closely with the administration, these recommendations undertake to local, state and national levels and we aggressive aggressive work in this area to to of childhood obesity of childhood obesity.

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