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From earlier studies.

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From earlier studies , which compared the genome of P. Falciparum to other species, scientists already knew that the parasite more than 60 % oddball – more than 60 % of the 5,334 proteins not found in other organisms. But Sittler found, the degree of protein network conservation is even smaller. ‘We Plasmodium, otherwise expected to be. It is part of a group of organisms, obligate parasites, which are different from bacteria and from all other multicellular organisms,’he said. ‘But statistically speaking, when we started our at the protein networks, the degree of inequality was much more than what we expected. ‘.

Instead of comparing single proteins from different organisms, PathBlast compares entire networks of proteins. While individual proteins have specific functions of proteins in complex networks organisms work, such as cell division or, put it: case of the parasite Plasmodium reach, host invasion. Sittler explained the value of protein network analysis: ‘If you know that certain proteins involved in the invasion of red blood cells ‘ – something that Plasmodium is distinguished among the people – ‘You can assume that proteins interact with these proteins also in the invasion of of red blood cells ‘ ‘..Researchers showed viability of the Messtechnik by sensing of low concentrations of mercury ion in whole blood, opaque solutions and lives mammalian tissues and cells – Samples in which optical collection is as a rule poorly or ineffective. Since the signal the near infrared the range , a property clearly just of few materials, it is natural fluorescence natural fluorescence of polymer and living tissues.

the heart for the new detection system the transition DNA secondary structure of of the native, right-handed B form of the alternative, left-handed Z shape. In order to their sensors, the scientists to start by winding an track out of double-stranded DNA to the surface of single-walled carbon nanotubes, to the same way one telephone cord loops around a pen , the DNA starts wrapping of the nanotube with a certain shape due to negative by the negative charges along its backbone.. Left handers carbon nanotube be used as sensors within living cells single – walled carbon nanotubes to DNA packing inside living cells can be placed and recognized footsteps of harmful impurities having near infrared light, scientists report at the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign.

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