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For his many outstanding achievements.

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For his many outstanding achievements, Dr. Verma of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and as an elected Foreign Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, Verma was also on the Third World Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Philosophical Society.

If the area of biotechnology the Government of India infancy, the Government of India invited Dr. Verma to join a task force with the goal of charging country country as a leader in biotechnology. Verma has traveled to India every year for the last 37 years, he has lectured there on the topic of gene therapy, visited many institutions and advised a number of colleagues, students and young researchers.In the spine spinal cord the speed of movement Controls With a state-of – the-art technique in order neurons spinal cord of a the larval zebrafish reproduce, who Cornell University in academics a surprising model from activity that the rate of found regulates fishes moving. The research can have long – term impact on treatment of human spinal cord hurt and Parkinson’s disease, in which motion to slow and to unpredictable. The study, ‘O USGS Topographic Map recruiting at spinal cord, ‘in the 1 March edition of Nature publish, how neurons the lower part of the fish spinal are actively during slow movements, while the cells further above in the spinal cord to activate, accelerating such as motions..

The researchers worked with 4 millimeter-long larvae the zebrafish , because of they are transparent and scientists can see their cells. Fetcho and colleagues injected of the fish spinal cord a fluorescent dye if when calcium ions inundated as a which active nerve cells. A confocal microscope of laser the researchers could image the cells at very high resolutions. With this set up they looked nerve how the animals light move at different speeds.

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