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But what can consumers do?

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But what can consumers do? Aside from ordering our bread fresh from North America every day, the safest option is currently eating a few Brazil nuts a day that will help us to consume adequate amounts of selenium. Dr Rayman has involved the development of functional foods with a higher selenium content , which can be easily absorbed by the body. Rayman and some other European scientists are trying to raise money to meet the demanding and meticulous studies that are needed to prove that selenium truly has a positive effect in the reducing cancer risk are to be financed..

1 % and 5, respectively BAPs % of the diet. Animals were treated with BAP, showed lower both COX-2 and prostaglandin E2.The researchers found that the dietary BAPs decreased COX-2 74-82 74-82 per cent, and in that the topical BAPs it reduces by 66-82 per cent. They also measured lower cell proliferation in BAP-treated animals. Both the oral and topical BAP treatment of COX-2 and prostaglandin E2 reduced cell proliferation in the skin, Stoner says, which corresponds with fewer tumors and small tumors in the treated animals. .For decades hand-held tool public health and assurance threat Analytical Chemistry.

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