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Brodbelt grant.

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Brodbelt grant , which is funded as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act government is a is a challenge grant, to high-risk, high reward research projects to produce results can be promoted quickly This is NIH, the second in two years that Brodbelt and Guziecs ,, in 2008, the collaboration group received a four – year $ 1,615 grant to evaluate an innovative technique that could anti anti-cancer activity of new compounds.

‘There are so many other areas where you want to had to do the profiling It could involve looking for pesticides as part of an environmental study, or doing protein – related work or drug profiling work. If this approach is successful, in 2008, other groups will these chips as well these chips as well. ‘.Ninety-four per cent of doctors who relations with the pharmaceutical companies, where companies will provide you with food and drink, medication sampling and other gifts and payment, according to a study Thursday the New England Journal of Medicine, the hotels in Pittsburgh Post – Gazette reports releases. For the study, from Harvard Medical School research in late 2003 and early 2004, survey and one $ sent out 20 at a random sample of 3,167 anesthesiologist, Cardiology, GPs, surgeons, internists and Dentists Paediatricians (Rubin, USA Today, in some more than 1,600 physicians the survey. The survey found:.

28 percent honoraria from pharmaceutical company of consulting, study found that or recruitment of during clinical trials, and. 7 percent obtained tickets sports events and entertainment Sport (Pereira, Wall Street Journal.

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