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Attractive Features of the technology include the ability to finger stick of whole blood men getting erections.

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About Claros Diagnostics ‘ Point-of-Care SystemClaros Diagnostics ‘ point – of-care system consists of disposable test cassettes and a small analyzer, the high performance quantitative laboratory blood test results delivered with significant ease-of-use allows the transition of complex immunoassays and other tests from the centralized reference laboratory to the point – of-care (bed, ambulance, Attractive Features of the technology include the ability to finger – stick of whole blood, automation of all assay steps, multiplexing, on-board controls, cost effectiveness and the delivery of results in minutes for use. Urology market was the initial focus to validate the technology, but also as a bridge to the true platform nature of the technology include infectious disease, women’s health, cardiology, companion diagnostics, and beyond, with applications in settings around the world men getting erections .

Claros is reaching for the European launch of its urology product preparation and continuing the process for approval in other markets, including the U.S. This approval is an important milestone our strategy, a range of products for creating point-of – care market, said Michael J. Magliochetti, President and CEO of Claros. We will the menu the menu in the urology and use the differentiation of our platform technology to other industries as a vehicle to transition virtually any complex immunoassay from the reference laboratory of the point-of-care. This CE approval will facilitate the commercial rollout of the system in all important markets in the world that we are pursuing. .

Javitt – ex legal and policy director for GPPC and present research assistant Institute Berman has become teaching on to Food and Drugs legal themes, as well as genetics and legal. She has also direct-to – direct-to – consumer marketing genetic test and FDA specification the biotechnology, and you has special expertise to FDA regulating the in vitro diagnostics and laboratory developed test.


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