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A disease of 14 million people in the United States.

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TheraVasc initially the development TV1001 as a treatment for diabetic patients with peripheral arterial disease , a disease of 14 million people in the United States, which, in considerable pain in the limbs ‘ to amputation. ‘Based on the security, circulating half-life levels of the drug and blood levels achieved in this study, we chronic use of chronic use of TV1001 disease changes benefit diabetic patients with PAD offer,’said TheraVasc President and CEO, Tony Giordano.

Few during the during the study and there was no significant increase in methemoglobin levels, which would have prevented the release of oxygen in the blood, at the dose tested, the most likely adverse event the the treatment.Only 22 percent of patients were full or greatly in the the decision on adjuvant endocrine therapy the lowest participation on women aged between 60 years, was played it at top. Many of the women to the survey in the survey are not satisfied with the the extent to which for the treatment in the treatment decision-making.

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