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More Actions PlannedThe publication of the SFF list was the first major step in recent efforts by CMS ‘to improve nursing home care. A comprehensive, multi-year view of future action, the Agency has been released today. The 2008 action plan to further improve the Nursing Home Quality consists of several interconnected and coordinated approaches:.

New New information added Nursing Home Compare Web siteMedicaid beneficiaries and families looking for top – quality long-term care services can be found the information to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Web site Compare Nursing Home. – for the first time, nursing homes nursing homes on the Compare website, whether a home or been on special focus CMS list the agency SFF initiative is reinforced monitoring on nursing homes, which repeated a history of poor performance, or. Violations of federal and health and safety regulations have.Funds wHO help on HIV / AIDS prevention and treating effort at catalyze countries of, of which anxious, which 3 by 5 overall objective to three million people have HIV / AIDS. Treatment to reach until the end of of 2005, wHO Emphasises that those that start to receive the life-saving drug a steady supply of well over 2 005 require.. Director General of HIV / AIDS in poor nationsNowadays today announced that World Health Organization measures ensuring that HIV is / AIDS prevention and the treatment endeavors to helps the poor countries of even give better healthcare will. Canada 100 million CDN contribution to the WHO this year is to help the key that. Such services urgent urgently overcome the shortages in health staff in countries where including most from the effects of HIV / AIDS We must ensure that people who will need AIDS treatment get it otherwise they will be to die, said Dr.

Many hospitals in poor communities, for example have a system to hold records by previous visits patient, health tales or the effect of drugs they are taken. Innovative solutions for, such as easy electronic medical record subsystems will be tested in several African countries with impressive results and WHO help bringing these experiences to more people surprising. WHO is Service Availability Mapping tool provides public health Tours a map of the momentary condition the health and health services, including HIV services, through districts and provinces.

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