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000ter WoesPakistan faces tremendous water issue.

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Water-borne diseases account for 30 % of all deaths in Pakistan and kill approximately 250,000 children each year. Per capita water availability in Pakistan is less than one ninth of what it is in the U.S. And what’s more, researchers say if Pakistan fails its water resources differently, it’s about actually out of the water. This month, EARTH Magazine explores the various facets of Pakistan’s water theme. – The October cover story Fixing Pakistan’s Water Woes: Impossible Odds, Irrepressible Hope, focuses on the critical work being jointly developed by the U.S.

Vitamin D is naturally on the skin of UV radiation in the sunlight produced. Naturalessary for proper calcium absorption and utilization for bone.. Vitamin D enriched bread improves bone density three times better than drugselderly with vitamin D fortified bread for a period of one year, a better bone density maintenance than by bone – building drugs such as bisphosphonates produced ate.Researchers in Romania, provides the bread fortified with 5000 international units of vitamin D and 800 milligrams of calcium on a daily basis for elderly nursing home patients, reported a 28 % increase in lumbar bone density in well above the 8 % in bone density usually with bone – building drugs reached. Veronica Mocanu, and colleagues at University of Medicine and Pharmacy at the Universitatii in Isai, Romania, presented the study at the Experimental Biology in San Diego this week.The study is not say with certainty risk factor in risk factor for autistic, said Kalkbrenner. But says when there is a relation it between smoking and certain kinds of autism is entangled. That faults on the autism spectrum, which are less stringent and of children perform at higher level That connection she adds, needs to be investigated further.

‘.. Established link between autistic and smoking in pregnancywomen smokers during pregnancy may increase the probability that a child by high functioning autism, how Asperger’s syndrome according to preliminary results from a study from researchers in the U.S. Autism monitor dealing program by the Centers for Disease Control. ‘The time has long been is that autism prejudice an umbrella term a variety of disorders, social and communication abilities,’says Amy Kalkbrenner, Assistant Lecturer at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health, lead author degree. ‘What we see is that some disturbances with autism spectrum, than others, can be a factor whether mother smokes during the pregnancy will affects.

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